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  • What is a health and life coach?
    A health and life coach is an individual who will help you create and enjoy a healthier and happier life. Any lasting change requires modifying your habits and your behavior, but first understanding the power of your thoughts and your mindset. The role of a health and life coach is to help you achieve the change that you want to see - whether that is eating healthier, carving out time for yourself, learning coping skills for stressful times like Aliyah, improving your sleep, coping with children and their unique needs, reducing stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed, and more. In our coaching, we will explore your thoughts and beliefs as we investigate the results that they are creating in your life. Do they serve you? What alternate thoughts could we choose that would create more desirable results? What thoughts have you been thinking so long, that they feel like beliefs. Are they limiting you or holding you back? The first step is a discovery session, where we will meet (free of charge and with no obligation) to discuss what you’d like to achieve and what my program has to offer. At the end of this meeting, we will ascertain if we are a good fit for one another. Whether you decide to work with me or not, you will leave this session with greater insight about yourself, your mind, your goals and aspirations, and what you are capable of. If you do choose to work with me as your health and life coach, I will help you define realistic, quantifiable and achievable goals and then offer the support, system and accountability to achieve those goals. I will cheer you on and help you believe and internalize that you are capable and deserving of true, lasting change.
  • What is your 6 month transformation program?
    My introductory 6 month program, includes 24 weekly 50-minute sessions. We will start off with understanding your WHY - Why are you looking to make this change? Why is it so important to you? After we understand WHY you are doing this, we will clearly define your goals and I will help you set small, weekly, manageable action steps so that you can ultimately achieve your bigger goals. Every week we will discuss what went well, what you struggled with and how to overcome that in the future. I will offer you some new relevant information and give you new action steps for the next week. We will of course tweak these according to your progress and how they feel to you. I will show you how your thoughts are creating the results in your life and how working on replacing those thoughts can create different results. We will work together as a team to gain more awareness around your mindset and the impact it is having on everything in your life. After the completion of this program, many clients discover additional areas they'd like to work on. They often extend their package and set new goals as they step into the up leveled version of themselves. You will also have the opportunity to book single sessions if you feel that you need a refresher on a specific topic, or just some additional support and accountability.
  • What areas can you help me with? What is your specialty or niche?
    I work primarily with women and young adults. While health and wellness is often a very broad field, I am especially passionate about working with busy women who often put everyone else’s needs before their own. How many times have we heard that it is important to fill up our own cups first? However, practicing that is an entirely different story. There are so many daily demands on a mother and often that results in dropping ourselves to the bottom of our priority list. I want to help you bump yourself to the top of your list. Stressful situations like Aliyah, illness or moving, can be particularly challenging because we are in survival mode. The daily grind of balancing all of our needs isn't easy. Nevertheless, it is especially important during these “emotionally loaded” times, where feeling overwhelmed is at an all-time high, to pause, reflect and consider where WE are in the equation. My mission and passion is to help you understand and internalize that you MUST carve out time for yourself and prioritize your own needs so that you can be the best version of yourself - first and foremost for yourself, but also for all those who rely on you.
  • Is your program a weight loss program?
    While I am fully trained to help you with weight loss, this program offers so much more. It adopts a holistic approach - mind, body and soul - that addresses your overall health and wellness. It is never just about losing weight or the numbers on a scale. Part of our work together will address the many other components that contribute to your overall wellness. Sure - losing weight can be a goal as well, but it doesn’t have to stop there. It is about the journey of reaching your goals and WHO you are becoming in the process.
  • How is your program different from other coaching programs?
    Firstly, the program I offer is unique because of what I bring as a coach. I come to this profession with years of experience guiding women, young professionals, and students through trying times and major life changes. Beyond my passion for helping people, I have spent a great deal of time on my education and my training. I continually invest in my self development and ongoing training so that I can show up as the best version of myself. I come to my sessions with skills, tools and information to offer, but more importantly, I come with an open mind and an open heart while I patiently customize my coaching according to my client’s needs. The process is gentle, dynamic, and goal-oriented, but also motivational and rewarding. Secondly, my program is different from many other programs in that it is about so much more than weight loss or any single area of development. I am trained as a health AND life coach, because the two are intertwined. How you do one thing is often how you do other things and, therefore, dealing with one challenge is just part of a bigger picture. A more holistic approach will lay the foundation for lasting change and address many aspects of your life and health. And finally, some programs offer quick fixes that result in temporary results, but not long-lasting change. This program is designed to help you create new habits, behaviors and mindsets that will become a part of your daily (lifelong) routine. No quick fixes here - slow and steady wins the race. We change habits, one at a time until they becomes automatic and habitual, and then we move on to the next change. This results in long-lasting change that is sustainable and maintainable.
  • I see that you are a certified 2B Mindset Mentor. What is that and how is it incorporated in your program?
    The 2B Mindset is a healthy lifestyle program that focuses on weight loss, but more importantly, on the mindset of healthy eating. There are so many diets that are based on restrictions, counting calories, deprivation, etc. The 2B Mindset is a way of thinking that allows you to eat every food group, but nourish yourself with delicious and tasty foods that leave you feeling energized and healthy. It is a mindset that gives you the tools to stay on track in any situation and at any time. It is simple, basic and easy to follow. Incorporating this as part of my program is the perfect addition to the other skills in my toolbox. This mindset is lifelong; it is not a temporary fix or a diet. It is a new way of looking at food groups, a new way of approaching food opportunities and a new perspective on healthy eating. I talk about food as fuel and energy that our bodies need in order to run properly. Does that mean food doesn’t need to taste good? Absolutely not! You should enjoy everything you eat, and I will help you discover new and creative ways to prepare healthy food. We will discuss how eating nourishing (and delicious) food is a way of honoring your body and treating it with the respect that it deserves. And when you do decide to treat and indulge - enjoy every bite, with no feelings of guilt! I integrate all of this into my 6 month transformational program.
  • If I have no experience with healthy habits; is this program for me?
    Absolutely. It is never too late to create and build healthy habits. Our starting point will be wherever you are in that moment, building from there. We will start slow and make small changes that are doable and achievable. There is a well known Chinese proverb that says - “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” This is exactly how I approach habit change. We will celebrate every small success along the way so that you feel motivated, inspired and confident that this is something you can do!
  • What can I expect to gain from your program?
    You can expect to: - Understand how your brain works and the power of your thoughts - Manage your time more effectively and lead a more intentional life - Navigate challenging relationships and set healthy boundaries - Understand the importance of leading a healthy life - Grow as a person and believe in yourself and your own abilities - and honor yourself accordingly - Prioritize yourself and realize the importance of putting yourself first - Internalize the importance of making small daily changes that lead to bigger change - Clearly see the vision of the future-you and what you can accomplish - Set realistic goals - both short term and long term - Identify your limiting beliefs and replace them with new beliefs that are aligned with your new goals and desires - Gain tools and tips on how to nourish your body in a variety of ways - Transform in one or more areas of your life - Connect to your WHY - Grow and thrive from the challenges in your life
  • I am very busy. Does this program demand a lot of time?
    The only commitment time-wise is our weekly session. Aside from that, you will see results based on the effort that you put into the weekly action steps. I am a busy mom (as well as a wife and daughter) myself and I understand that time is limited. I do my best to make this program easy and fun, while giving you hacks and shortcuts to make things simple and quick. We spend so much time throughout the day doing many things that are not particularly useful or productive. Dedicating some of that time to invest in yourself and your wellbeing will enable you to be far more productive and accomplish so much more. When you invest in yourself, you will be amazed at how that positively benefits so many other areas of your life. Sometimes you need to invest time in creating more time. I will show you how!
  • Is your program in-person or online?
    Sessions are conducted online, via Zoom, or in person.
  • What are your certifications?
    I completed my health and life coach certification at the Health Coach Institute (HCI). HCI is certified by the International Coach Federation and has extensive academic and practicum requirements for completion. I also hold a Life Coach certification from the Life Coach School. In addition, I am certified as a 2B Mindset Mentor.
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