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I recently started a coaching series with Nechama. I have done many different diet programs. They all worked for a while and then just stopped working. What I love about this program is that it's not just another diet routine; it's literally turning the small things into healthy habits. Nechama has been guiding me with her calm personality and great sense of humor to make the changes I need in order to feel more energized and healthy. I'm already so much more aware of the little changes. Habits such as going to bed way earlier than I used to and making sure to move at least twice a week are becoming my new normal. Nechama is great at holding me accountable, and is an incredibly supportive mentor. I'm looking forward to the rest of my journey with her!


Nechama is lovely and kind-hearted which creates a safe and inviting space to open up and converse. In our short time together she made me feel heard and understood. Her positive inquiry led to my own 'ah hah' moment- an impactful realisation that I will work with further. Grateful for our time together and wish to connect again.

Time with Nechama is always a wonderful experience as she is authentic and warm hearted. She genuinely cares for your wellbeing and what you share. Her passion for health & wellness is obvious and her coaching is always beneficial and impactful.


Nechama is a natural coach. She confidently walked me through a technique to make family mealtimes less stressful and encouraged me to try this each meal time for a week. I felt empowered to commit to this and encourage my family to join me in trying to connect better at mealtimes. Thank you, Nechama!


Nechama is a very good natural, attentive listener, a natural coach. She had a calming presence and gave wonderful suggestions, made me feel calm and proud of my accomplishments and was very good at reframing my problems into a positive light.


Nechama is a great listener and naturally leads you through the important switches to make the actions steps and change reality for you. A natural positive coach!


Nechama is outstanding. She has this light of wisdom in her that radiates, even through the computer, towards guiding you to the next level. She is quiet and patient to help you listen to your own inner wisdom.


I so appreciate all your help and inspiration, wisdom, and guidance over the last few months. I would be a different person entirely without it. 


I really feel that since I started with you I've been freed in so many ways:

- Freed from my fear of hurting myself and therefore not doing high impact workout

- Freed from limiting beliefs about my ability to uplevel in my workouts

- Freed from thinking that if I can only do a few reps of one exercise, it's considered nothing

- Freed from my obsession over what I will eat

- Working on being freed from my self consciousness about how I look


Freed (still working on this) from seeing my self worth as connecter to my weight and clothing size.  I'm learning to be free to see myself for me and my value and that has nothing to do with how much i weigh.


Basically, since working with u, I'm learning to free myself from my judgements and past learning and love and appreciate all aspects of me 

So thank u for helping me start the process of changing my life.

I'm forever blessed ❤️❤️


You are such an inspiration and a force of calm and consistency in my life - thank you 😍


Nechama  i have no words for the amount  of appreciation  I have for you and your incredible  support  and coaching  and what you've given me over the last 7 months. 


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