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100 Days!

100 days of workouts. 100 days of consistency. 100 days of determination. 100 days of no excuses. 100 days of grit.

I am not special. I don’t have super powers. I am not a born athlete. You can do this too!

This is how you can set a workout goal for yourself and stick to it:

1. Set a goal and mark your progress day by day - your goal can be working out X number of days for Y time, or completing an existing workout calendar. Before you complete your current goal - set another one.

2. Pick a workout that you enjoy! You can walk, run, swim, do an online workout at home, or go to a gym (post-COVID). It doesn’t matter! Just pick something that you love, create a workout plan and stick to it.

3. Accountability - this is such an important component to your success. Pick a spouse, friend, group, or anyone that can hold you accountable and check in with you to make sure you get your workout in. Make your goals known to your accountability partner and make sure they hold you accountable no matter what! You can hold them accountable for a goal they are trying to achieve.

4. Choose a reward for completing your program of choice. My favorite is a new pair of leggings or exercise gear, but you can choose whatever motivates you.

5. Pick a program/workout that is realistic time wise. If you have 30 minutes then choose something that fits that criteria. Make sure your workout expectations are realistic so that it can actually fit in your schedule and happen on a daily basis - decide what time it will happen and put it in your calendar! Make it non-negotiable.

6. Push yourself, but don’t push your limits. If you are doing a program online, make sure there is a modifier (someone who is doing a modified, slightly easier version of the exercises) that works for your fitness level. Don’t pick up a 7 kilo weight the first day you lift weights. If you want to run but you are out of shape, then slowly build up your stamina. Programs like Couch to 5K are great for this. Slow and steady wins the race!

7. Eliminate a black-and-white attitude - it isn’t all or nothing. Even if you don’t have time for your full workout, 10 minutes of exercise is better than nothing! Consistency is key.

8. Get creative - the idea is to move your body. This can be achieved in a number of ways - walking, running, jumping, a dance party, the Just Dance app, or anything else. Don’t get fixated on one method of exercise. This also will contribute to your success and consistency, rain or shine - line up workout options for rainy days or days when you just feel like staying in for whatever reason. Be flexible.

9. Get fun workout clothes - it ain’t fun to work out in old leggings and a ripped T-shirt. Invest in some fun and colorful workout clothes that will get you pumped and excited to work out. Old Navy has some great, reasonably priced workout clothes, but even local clothing shops in the Gush have some stylish options.

10. Involve your entire family - everyone is home, so why not get them moving with you? We downloaded the new Apple Fitness+ app on our kids’ iPads and they’ve been working out during the day at their convenience. Some of the Switch or Wii games involve lots of movement and action - informal exercise is great too!

11. Change things up! There are so many different workout options - keep it interesting and fun so that it doesn’t get boring. If you are walking, make sure you have an engaging podcast or fun music to listen to. I save my favorite podcasts for my walks and it feels like such a treat to have alone time, exercise AND work on my personal development - 3 in 1! How productive is that?? Alternatively, invite a friend to join and catch up, take a break AND work out. This is multi-tasking at its best!

12. Be mindful of your timing - some people love to start off their day with exercise to get them energized, while others prefer to get in their workout at night. Don’t plan your exercise too close to your bedtime so it doesn’t disrupt your sleep routine.

13. Make sure you have the optimal workout gear - headphones that stay in your ears, a holder for your phone, leggings that don’t slip down, the appropriate weights, a non-slip mat, warm gear if you walk/run in cold weather, comfortable sneakers, etc. This will enhance your workout experience and motivate you to do it again!

14. Be consistent - things will come up and life will happen, but make sure that exercise is a priority and make that clear to all members of your family. Plan meetings around it, wake up earlier if necessary, put it on your schedule - just make it happen. Say no to excuses. Even if you have to cut it short - just do it (thanks Nike)!

15. Make sure that you incorporate rest days or active recovery days to stretch your muscles and give your body a chance to recover before your next workout.

16. Consider working with a health and life coach to accompany you on your journey to health and fitness and help you stay consistent and motivated - feel free to reach out :-)

You got this! What are you waiting for? Start today!


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