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Change Your Habits, Change Your Life!

Sounds extreme, right? Like an exaggeration?

People tend to think of wellness in terms of physical health - nutrition, exercise, weight, etc., but there is so much more to it than that. Wellness is a holistic integration of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Wellness is a lifestyle and a mindset, but it all starts with your daily habits. Take this third lockdown as an opportunity to adopt new and healthier habits!

There is no quick-fix for long lasting change, rather it requires a build up of lots of small, smart choices that are completed consistently over time - this is what author and motivational speaker Darren Hardy calls “the compound effect.” Once you make one change, it has a ripple effect on other areas of your life until eventually you see the change you want to see. So when I say that changing your habits can change your life, it is no exaggeration.

I will use myself as an example - I decided that every day I am going to dedicate time to pray, to work out and to nourish myself with healthy food. But that decision is not enough - I need to implement a daily routine that incorporates these behaviors. I need to start off with a cue, a signal to my brain that I am about to start a new habit (get dressed), start my routine (pray) and then experience my reward (feeling like I connected with something greater than myself). Same goes with exercise. My cue is getting on my exercise clothes, my routine is a pre-chosen workout (as part of a scheduled calendar) and my reward is the tremendous satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment, as the endorphins are released and I feel energized and vibrant. And finally, it is the same with healthy eating. I start with my cue of putting my ingredients on the counter. I continue with my routine of prepping my healthy meal and then my reward is feeling energized and fueled.

Once I put myself first and prioritize my needs, that energy and vibrancy then spills over into other areas of my life - my interactions with my family, my efficiency in getting things done and my overall stamina and mood. A day when I put myself at the top of the priority list looks radically different than a day when I don’t.

Habit change is small, slow, steady and consistent, but it can also lead to dramatic change over time and most importantly, it can last!

What is one habit or behavior that you are committing to during this lockdown? Share it in the comments!


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