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Limiting Beliefs - We All Have Them!

So many of us have goals that we set for ourselves as we strive to grow personally and professionally. We start off with lots of motivation and a powerful “I can!” attitude. But how many goals have we set for ourselves that we haven’t followed through with?

Sure, life happens, Corona happens, but the truth is that our beliefs - what we are telling ourselves on a daily basis - play an important role in our ability to make things happen in our lives. Tony Robbins once said: “The only thing that’s keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself.” And boy do we tell ourselves stories (I've told myself every one of these stories):

"I am not a morning person"

"I don’t have time to lead a healthier life"

"I don’t have stamina"

"Exercise is for people who are fit"

Our limiting beliefs are thoughts and opinions that we believe to be true, some of which were formed during childhood, and they are holding us back from reaching our true potential. Sometimes they are subconscious and we aren’t even aware of them.

What can we do to overcome our limiting beliefs?

  1. We need to IDENTIFY our limiting beliefs and that requires awareness - take a moment to reflect on this - what is stopping you from leading the healthier life you want? Anything that starts with "I must", "I can't", "I am not", "I don't", etc. is probably a limiting belief.

  2. Then we need REFRAME our limiting beliefs - replace it with a new belief - replace “I don’t have stamina” with “I will slowlybuild up my exercise routine by increasing a few steps every day, so that I can run that 5K that I’ve always dreamt of”.

  3. And finally we move forward with ACTION so that we can implement our new belief and create new habits, behaviors and patterns that are aligned with our goal to lead a healthier lifestyle - create a workout schedule and put it in your calendar, set your alarm 5 minutes earlier, meet with your family to discuss how you can carve out time for your workout, etc.


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